The Unified HR Platform 

WorkForce Drive allows you to engage Employees, track time & attendance, communicate organization-wide and much more


Rethinking the Workforce

Workforce Drive is on a mission to create a future-ready workforce platform that brings the highest levels of intelligence, engagement, prooductivity and effeciency in the workplace. Led by experts in Security, Human Captial Management and technology,  Workforce Drive is shifting the work environment into a new era.



HR at organizationas are on a perpetual quest to enhance their processes, Talent management, time and attendance, workforce prodouctivity, workplace safety, train employees, manage documents and communicate with employees company wide. With divided systems, legacy systems and paper documents - HR staff spend more time on manual processes and lesser time on focusing on company's greater goals. 


WorkForce is a next generation Human Capital Mananagement platform, powered by a full ecosystem, encompassing Time Tracking & Attendance Features, Digital Document Managment, Communication System, Location/GPS Field Employee Tracking, Project management, Intranet, Emergency Incidence Reporting solutions.  We act as the gateway for helping HR  automate processes and workflows, digitizing documents, collect digital signature eliminate inefficient tasks, unified communication - making your workplace, smarter, safer and more productive.  Our solution integrates seamlessly intoo existing  legacy HR infrastructure if needed, providing you with a more unified and smarter solution.

Ready to Drive your WorkForce into Full Performance?



Here's how Workforce Drive helps manage task and increases productivity

Boost Productivity
Workforce allows you to zoom into your team tasks to see how long each task takes and which tasks take the most time

Track Progress
Workforce can help track the progress of your team by looking at where each team member is working on by the hour

Enhance Performance
Capturing projects keep employees enagaged and helps keep a track of their success and see opportunities to improve


Say Hello to A Simpler, More Flexible Way to Manage Time & Attendance

Mobile timesheets
Employees can clock-in and clock out from Android and iPhone devices with the Workforce app when they arrive work

GPS Location Tracking 
Workforce comes with the location check-in feature, helping you track your team to see where everyone is with the exact coordinates

iPad Check-in kiosk
Workforce is also available via iPad Check-in Kiosk, capturing time and attendance of employees who are working onsite

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